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Safety On Tour With POC Sports

Partnering With POC The crew dropped in at POC New Zealand headquarters during our training weekend to pick up their new high performance protective gear. Armed with top spec helmets and matching sunglasses (for a seamless fit and comfortable ride), we are now ready to spread the word about safety on tour.  POC has a...

Exploring Is BETTER By Bike NZ & Beyond

Cape to Cape Cycle Tour NZ – What’s the big deal? A challenging route traversing East to West across New Zealand’s North Island. This won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but those who venture out will be rewarded with an unforgettable journey. Cycling remote and beautiful roads, the route is rich with Māori culture and...

Making a difference on our Kenya & Tanzania Bike Tours

Escape Adventures, endeavour to ensure that our actions always benefit the people, communities, economies, environments and eco-systems we visit. Our Kenya and Tanzania (KT) Cycle tour is our longest running tour. Our very first KT cycle tour departed from Nairobi in June 1999 and today is still our most popular tour. The following are specific...

Escape Adventures is proud and very, very stoked to be still standing!!

Escape Adventures beyond Covid, we are proud and very, very stoked to be still standing! And this is 100% down to YOUR support! THANK YOU! The support that we have felt over the past year has been absolutely amazing!! It’s been a while since we been in touch and talked about anything beyond our New...

It’s the Bike Packing, Brevet Event, NZ Cycle Touring season!

It’s the Bike Packing, Brevet Event, Cycle Touring season! “Dot Watching” is a recently discovered sport where one sits on a couch and digitally watches live-tracked bikers riding the Kennett Brothers’ Tour Aotearoa and Kopiko Aotearoa rides as they happen… And even better than watching, many of you have actually spent your summer being the dots!  Go you good things!  Some (possibly slightly...

NEW New Zealand Cycle Tour… in our Nelson HQ backyard!

We have the local intel on our NEW New Zealand Cycle Tour… in our HQ backyard, Nelson NZ! Come and play with us and join us in Nelson and the Marlborough Sounds for a week long cycle tour made up of some of our favourite, little used, off the beaten track, incredibly scenic and otherwise hard to...
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