It’s the Bike Packing, Brevet Event, NZ Cycle Touring season!

It’s the Bike Packing, Brevet Event, Cycle Touring season!

“Dot Watching” is a recently discovered sport where one sits on a couch and digitally watches live-tracked bikers riding the Kennett Brothers’ Tour Aotearoa and Kopiko Aotearoa rides as they happen… And even better than watching, many of you have actually spent your summer being the dots!  Go you good things! 

Some (possibly slightly mad) people take their bike packing / brevet riding a bit more seriously and call it racing.. going all out for light weight set ups and very little sleep in order to keep ticking off kms through the night!  There have been a couple of new Brevet/Races this summer – the Tuatara 1000 and the very tough Tour Te Waipounamu organised by Brian Alder – (many of you will know Brian who lead Escape Adventures Cycle Tours for 10 years!)  

And then some of us also like to come up with our own riding challenges – and during the afternoon (when you thought she was working!) Mandy has been planning her “Tour Te Tight-Arse”, riding out the door from home in Nelson to Cape Reinga with two girl friends on $20 a day!!.

Escape Adventures has had a real cracker of a summer too – leading our supported Tour Aotearoa and Cape to Cape tours for the first time.  Even after 21 years of creating and leading cycle tours in some of the furthest flung destinations around the world – there have still been lots of learning in developing and leading our cycle tours here at home in New Zealand, including having E-Bikes on our tours for the first time!   We have loved riding with you in our wonderful country and we are looking forward to sharing it with all our international bikers in the ever nearing future…

This year Annie Hudson – became the – “Famous 71 yr old lady from Wanaka who rode the full Tour Aotearoa” with us.  Annie’s energy is infectious and we love it!  We already have nine keen beans signed up to ride the full tour in November this year, with more riding a full north or a full south island. So our supported Tour Aotearoa for November/December 2021 is pretty much booked out…  But don’t worry we have scheduled a second fully supported Tour Aotearoa for early 2022

It's the Bike Packing, Brevet, Cycle Touring season!