Alice Baker

Chief People Herder and Exploration Enabler

Alice came to NZ on holiday in 2013 and never left! Soon after came the realisation that mountain biking is the most fun activity (ever?!) plus it’s an excellent way to travel Aotearoa and see the world. Also real fruit ice cream..

Alice’s first Escape trip was to Africa in 2019 to lead our Kenya & Tanzania tours since then Alice has been involved in all the New Zealand Cycle Tours and been back to Kenya & Tanzania and Namibia. Now she has taken on the tour communications manager role, but will still be out there leading tours whenever possible!

When she’s not with Escape, Alice can be found, coaching MTB skills courses, organising women’s ride events and refining her snack game.


When we say small, we mean up to 12 people only.  That lets us focus on you and your unique holiday, and not on a big unwieldy group of cyclists.

Expert Leaders

All our cycle tours are led by two of our Escape Adventures leaders.  We pride ourselves on the calibre and resourcefulness of these great people who you will be spending your holiday with.

Keeping It Really Local

We know that our most precious memories are of real people. We’ve been going to the same villages for many years. You’ll meet locals on their terms, and make friends that will seem like family when you leave.

Making a Difference

By supporting local accommodations, restaurants and small businesses we make a direct and real contribution to the economies of the areas we visit. 

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